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HTC Projectmanagement 50 User 50 GB 1 Year

HTC Projectmanagement 50 User 50 GB 1 Year

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HTC-Redmine Managed Application Services 50 GB and up to 50 users in the cloud for one year.

We host and maintain your HTC-Redmine infrastructure (updates, security patches, support). In this package in the cloud. You benefit by: Saving costs, providing more data security, relieving IT department, using our plugins.

The business software HTC-Redmine is a web-based project management tool for classic as well as agile project management. It is ideally suited for collaboration to handle single or multiple projects simultaneously. It supports teams along the entire project lifecycle. Plug-ins provide additional application possibilities: in the office, in the home office, in distributed teams.

Those who work with HTC-Redmine bundle team communication, tasks and project-relevant information centrally in one place and without the use of e-mail. The functions are accessed via an Internet browser and can be used from any location.

Since the total cost of ownership (TCO) is often uncontrollable for many organizations, we recommend software such as HTC-Redmine. This makes this factor controllable. And our HTC-Redmine Managed Hosting allows companies to focus on their core business. Instead of building, patching and operating the infrastructure for business-relevant software themselves.

Our HTC-Redmine Managed Application Services
To ensure the best possible, secure and error-free operation, we proactively take care of regular maintenance, backups, security updates and servicing of your HTC-Redmine application to prevent unauthorized access from outside and to protect sensitive project data.

Goals you achieve with our service
Reduce management overhead and administrative barriers. Fixed, calculable monthly costs for operating an up-to-date HTC Redmine.
Employees and customers always use an up-to-date, secure, high-performance application. Security gaps are closed quickly. New functions are available at an early stage. Improvements are implemented promptly.
Bookable use of our commercial HTC-Redmine plug-ins (Enterprise+ Bundle) during support.
Optimal integration with other applications possible (e.g. GitLab, Rocket.Chat, HedgeDoc)
In case of problems, we help with quick troubleshooting. This way you save internal resources and can concentrate on your own business. You decide whether this happens on your own server (in-house) or in our cloud. This package includes the cloud solution.

Our support, your advantage
With our various support options you save internal resources and protect your project data in the long term. So you are always on the safe side towards your customers, your team, your stakeholders.

Our HTC-Redmine operating package includes important features like:

Creation of backups (these are imported by us if required)

Implementation of minor updates, major updates, patch releases and security updates

Installation of updates and patches of installed plugins (community or third party)

Provision of various own extensions (Automation, DB, DevOps, Passwords, Reporting, HRM, Wiki Guide).

Central 24/7 monitoring for availability and performance, as well as monitoring critical components of your HTC Redmine and system. Important for a smooth operation. This is the only way to ensure fast troubleshooting and high availability.

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